Aerospace Engineering Services

​​​​from Concept to Flight

 Launch Services

Our suborbital launch system is flexible. We can modify current rockets or create new rockets to serve a variety of purposes. We embrace customer-dedicated missions, because doing so, gives each customer a lot of say:

  • Say in payload-bay function and dimensions, and payload mass;

  • Say over flight profile (speed, altitude, etc.); and

  • Say over flight-schedule.

Other Operations' Support

Our instruments, equipment & software can support operations from your ground skimmers to your high-altitude aircraft, balloons and rockets.

  • Continuous, high-definition boundary layer winds to 1,000 ft;

  • Upper-air soundings to 100,000 ft;

  • Merged profiles from boundary layer, upper air, and other sources;

  • Accurate trajectories for nominal, ballistic, booster & failure modes;

  • Balloon and parachute trajectories; and

  • Visualization in 2- and 3-D to enhance onsite decision support.

Flight Modeling, Simulation & Analyses

We have modeled and analyzed nearly every class of flight vehicle. Our rapid-turnaround can likely meet your proposal and sales-pitch deadlines.

Systems & Software Engineering

Our lean systems-engineering practices are applicable to your projects from requirements gathering to test-planning and support. We create and maintain complex software and can apply these skills to your projects, whether you need 2nd opinions on 3rd-party efforts or your legacy codes need modernization, model-knowledge recapture and documentation.

Wind Tunnel Testing

We own and operate our own research-grade low-speed wind tunnel.

  • Wind turbine research and wind effects over terrain and structures;

  • Aerodynamics of small and micro UAVs, and of ground vehicles;

  • Incremental stability & performance due to vehicle modifications; and

  • Aerodynamics of tubular forms, such as rockets, buoyant craft, etc.


The first video is from Jim & Deborah Perry, the 2nd and third videos are from Dr. W. Gutman, New Mexico Spaceport Authority; and the last three are from New Mexico Tech