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​​​​from Concept to Flight

 Launch Services

Our suborbital launch system is turnkey, meaning we do most of the work to conduct your mission, whether with your rocket or with ours. Our Mustang™ rocket, however, is a great choice as a test platform. Smaller Mustang rockets provide a cost-effective platform for a variety of experiments and our systems-engineered launch system delivers a precision flight model that allows us to pull the Mustang's tares from your flight-test data. We also give customers tremendous flexibility in both payload volume and mass as experience shows experiments can be assembled quickly when one is not confined to arbitrary limits.

While our launch system is a well-integrated system for launching rockets, its modular design lets us provide a number of high-end services to suite a variety of needs. The following are some of our core specialties.


Our core operations hardware includes meteorological instruments that we can deploy on an airfield or at a launch pad. Our systems cover the gamut from small UAVs flying in the low boundary layer to high-altitude operations of aircraft, balloons and rockets with profiling up to 100,000 ft. Varied data sources can be combined in realtime to suit mission needs, with onsite 3D visualization to enhance decision making.

Flight Modeling, Simulation & Analyses

Our core specialty is the modeling, simulation, and analysis of flight vehicles. We have modeled nearly every class of flight vehicle. We can ingest data you have and estimate what you don't have to predict the flight of your vehicle or a specialized version of ours.

Software Development

Our core enabler is our ability to create and maintain highly sophisticated engineering software in modern languages and architectures. Our skills can be applied to your software projects as well, whether you have 3rd-party efforts or your legacy works need conversion to modern languages, model-knowledge recapture, and documentation.

Systems Engineering

Our core management skills come from practicing lean systems engineering (LSE). We can help you manage complex projects from requirements gathering to test-planning and support. We practice what we preach, applying LSE to all of our internal projects.

Wind Tunnel Testing

We own and operate our own research-grade low-speed wind tunnel, which is extremely versatile, providing a cost-effective test solution from aircraft to road vehicles.

  • Wind turbine research

  • High-angle-of-attack research

  • Aerodynamics of small and micro UAVs

  • Assessing stability and performance of vehicle modifications

  • Subsonic aerodynamics of rockets, buoyant craft, and other tubular forms

  • Variable length test section is applicable to wind effects over terrain and structures


The first two videos are from New Mexico Tech, the next two are from Dr. W. Gutman, New Mexico Spaceport Authority; and the 4th is from Jim & Deborah Perry

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