Aerospace Systems & Software R&D
These are our specialties, which can be applied to your project per requirements.


Launch Services

We offer a suborbital launch system that is turnkey, mobile, and scalable. It has been designed with the idea that a family of high-performance rockets can provide a progressive, efficient, and cost-effective test-path to advance ideas from smaller, simpler, and cheaper prototypes to larger, more sophisticated implementations.

  • Environments: Test rocket components under conditions varying from 5 to 50 Gs inside a payload bay that is 1.5 times wider than the motor, yielding 338% more payload volume than a typical rocket.

  • Tracking/Targeting: With our accurate trajectory prediction, we can put rockets through a box in the sky and stripped of subsystems, our rockets can be made to fly further and faster.

Meteorology & Operations

We are operationally adept on the airfield and at the launch pad. We perform pre-mission flight safety analysis, real-time meteorological & trajectory analysis, and post-mission & flight-anomaly analysis. We have even helped to stand up a spaceport.

We own an array of meteorological equipment. Parts of our system are ideal for flight testing small UAVs at low altitudes; while other parts can measure the atmosphere to 100,000 ft to support flight operations from aircraft to rockets to high-altitude balloons. Varying data sources can be combined in realtime to suit mission requirements, with onsite 3D visualization of the atmosphere to simplify decision making.

Flight Modeling, Simulation & Analyses

Our core technical specialty is the modeling, simulation & analysis of flight vehicles. We can estimate all of the elements that go into predicting flight, from aerodynamics, propulsion, & mass properties, to formulating the environments through which the vehicles fly. We have modeled nearly every class of flight vehicle.

Software Development

Our core enabler is our ability to create and maintain highly sophisticated engineering software in modern languages and architectures. Our skills can be applied to your software projects as well, whether you have 3rd-party efforts or your legacy works desperately need model-knowledge recapture and documentation.

Systems Engineering

Our core management skills come from practicing lean systems engineering. We can help you manage complex projects from requirements gathering to test-planning and support. We practice what we preach, applying lean systems engineering to all of our internal projects.

Wind Tunnel Testing

We own and operate our own wind tunnel, and have varied wind-tunnel testing experience. Our wind tunnel is extremely versatile, providing a particularly cost-effective test solution for many specialty areas:

  • Exploratory wind-tunnel testing to assess the stability and performance of vehicle modifications, for example, to improve the flight characteristics of aircraft, or improve the fuel efficiency of road vehicles

  • High-angle-of-attack research of aircraft

  • Small and micro UAVs aerodynamic measurements

  • Rocket subsonic aerodynamics; aerodynamics of buoyant craft & other tubular forms

  • Wind turbine research, design & evaluation

  • Variable length test section, applicable to wind effects over terrain and structures


The first two videos are from Dr. W. Gutman, New Mexico Spaceport Authority; and the 3rd is from Jim & Deborah Perry

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