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Aerospace Engineering Services
Design - Development - Operations

Vehicle Design

Whether you are starting from scratch or prototyping, we can help you bring your idea to fruition with design experience backed by our powerful AeroACES® tool. We can create an accurate flight model and run your vehicle through performance sweeps so that you won't have any surprises.

Launch Equipment

As a former suborbital launch provider, we have designed and built an entire launch system. We understand requirements from power and lighting, to launch rails that adapt to weather, to meteorological systems that together with flight modeling, keep the public safe. We have also designed and built successful rockets that meet the performance targets for which they were designed.


We have helped customers modernize their legacy codes. Our process recaptures model knowledge, that for any number of common corporate reasons, has been lost to history. We then document it properly. Often, it is the first time the software program has been properly documented.


Wind Tunnel Testing

Depending on the vehicle, we can prove out your design in our wind tunnel or we can help you rectify a vehicle's behavioral quirks and improve it with simple mods. Our tunnel is especially well suited for testing tubular forms, whether they swim or fly. Finally, our wind tunnel was designed to extend analysis into environmental studies, such as wind-turbine analysis and terrain effects.

Mission Analysis

When you get to the point that you are looking at actually flying your vehicle, we can model your vehicle, simulate its flight, and create realistic mission plans and safety zones.

Realtime Meteorology

Our meteorological services routinely support suborbital rocket launches and high-altitude aircraft. Our AeroACES® software adds realtime value beyond the industry-leading equipment we operate. Our software lets you visualize the atmosphere so you can make solid operational decisions when your bird is in the air and all of your hard work is on the line.
Rocket Targeting

We can aim your rocket and keep it aimed so that it stays within the mission plan, just like it is supposed to.

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