The Stepping Stones to High-Fidelity Flight Simulation

AeroACES® contains several major tool suites to tackle the tedious analytical steps needed to take your project from a concept to a design. Once the design becomes hardware, AeroACES® takes you through the analytical steps required to plan missions and then to operate in realtime.

Just the Basic FAQs


AeroACES® is sophisticated, mature engineering software. It was first released in 2000 as a flight simulator and has been proven robust in field operations since 2005. AeroACES® now includes applications in meteorology, aerodynamics, and flight safety; and all applications built under the AeroACES® architecture are fully interoperable. Of course, being great at engineering doesn't mean it couldn't be just as great as the physics engine to drive a realistic simulation game or the means to calculate the motion of many objects for a movie scene.

AeroACES® is accurate and definitely precise. Internally, it conforms to double precision and has undergone validation testing against some very serious legacy codes. To date, the validation tests have revealed far more errors in the legacy codes than in AeroACES®. Recent flight data indicates AeroACES® is predicting flight to within a quarter of one percent of that measured. Of course, that speaks as much to skill in building flight models as it does to computational accuracy. You also get to work in the units of your choice. For example, you can output speed in m/s, ft/s, or even furlongs/fortnight, if the latter floats your boat. You can also place as many vehicles in a simulation as your computer hardware will allow.


AeroACES® is also speedy. Bench-marked against legacy codes written in FORTRAN -the fastest computational language- AeroACES® was found to be comparable in speed. However, anyone who has built flight simulation models for engineering analyses understands, as a practical matter, that focusing on computational speed really misses the mark. It is the time spent creating and validating flight simulation models, especially for unique flight vehicles, that far outweighs execution speed. This is where AeroACES® will flat outperform with proven components to eliminate programming and greatly reduce sanity checking. The proven, powerful architecture goes even further, providing the developmental reach and flexibility to encompass an enormous span of possibility.

Last, AeroACES® is designed to run on high-end PCs running Windows 64-bit platforms; so you don't need a UNIX box to run it.

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