Not Just Flight Simulation

AeroACES® links aerospace-vehicle analyses from concept to flight with innovative architecture that tackles the complexities of high-fidelity flight-modeling and -simulation. As a vehicle develops, AeroACES® has many tools to bring mission possibilities into focus. Finally, when a vehicle is ready for prime-time, AeroACES® is at-the-ready for real-time.

As a matter of FAQ...


So much is made of a code's "pedigree" as though it were a certification. It's not; and hopefully, you don't come to that realization while a high-speed, unguided projectile is sitting on the launch rail with YOUR firing solution. Don't think "everybody uses it" will be a comfort either, even if it sounded good back at the office.


The simple reality is that flight simulation codes are built for analyses in the comfort of an office and are ill-prepared for the rigors of field operations, where a program nuance can be disastrous. By contrast, AeroACES® has been in the ring with heavyweights since 2000 and has been fire-hardened by the demands of field operations since 2005.

Another simple reality is that most flight simulation codes are static, unlike AeroACES®, which is vibrant and growing. AeroACES® has dozens of analytical capabilities to go beyond flight simulation, while increasingly taking on more roles during operations.


Internally, AeroACES® is a tight code, conforming to double precision and SI units. On the output side, a huge number of base units make possible an enormous number of compound units. You'll probably want speed in something like m/s; but if it's just that kind of day, maybe cables/week or furlongs/fortnight will just fit the bill.

Finally, AeroACES'® components have been built and proven across a wide spectrum of flight vehicles, so it can cover a lot of bases. However, if your project extends into the extraordinary and we have to specialize, AeroACES® can reach an enormous realm of possibilities with its powerful, 64-bit architecture and tightly-maintained C++ code base.

It may not seem fair, but those are the simple FAQs.

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