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Happy Birthday WSRDs, June 30, 2022

Today marks the beginning of WSRDs' 24th fiscal year in business.

Mighty Mustang - 100 in 100, May 20, 2022

The Mustang-6 was designed around CubeSat-sized payloads with just enough room for an inner door to expose or eject payloads. The new Mustang-66X puts a sixth-generation Mustang-6X sustainer on top of a Mustang-6X booster to create a rocket so efficient that it can loft 5-kg of payload to 100 km with just 100 kN-s of impulse. That is serious performance-value! Now, imagine the dollar-value of that much horse leaping out of the gate of a launch system we have perfected over many years and missions!

WSRDs Signs Seven-Year Contract with Spaceport America, April 19, 2021

White Sands Research and Developers, LLC (WSRDs) signed a seven-year framework agreement with the New Mexico Spaceport Authority to conduct launch operations at the Vertical Launch Area of Spaceport America. WSRDs has a long history with the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, even predating the construction of the Spaceport. This agreement further enhances a long-standing and positive relationship between WSRDs and NMSA.

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